Almost the entire cast of the Tanzanian savannah show is to be seen, with the antelope as the undisputed star. Since Ruaha combines acacia savannah of East Africa and the miombo woodland of Southern Africa, there is an unusually high diversity of this elegant species. Fans of the greater kudu are in the right place. Nowhere else is the population flourishing as it is here. And Ruaha is one of only two parks home to both roan and sable antelope; the latter easier to spot than anywhere else.

Unfortunately for these humble herbivores, they always need to be on their guard, with a hungry carnivore never far away. Lions are especially numerous, although their favourite meal wildebeest is scarce. Even wild dogs are found in Ruaha, one of the most important refuge for this highly endangered species. Since the park had three different types of habitats within its boundaries tree and scrub savannah, miombo savannah and wetlands the avifauna is remarkably rich. With over 550 bird species, even a short morning walk will be extremely rewarding. And don’t forget to look down, or you might miss the chance to spot both species of monitor lizard. The Nile monitor and the more elusive white throated savannah monitor.