Katavi is one of the few parks with the highest biodiversity in Africa. Your view changes from seasonally flooded grassland plains to the steep escarpments of the Rukwa Rift Valley. Yet the park is dominated by miombo savannah in its purest form. The large herds of antelope feel particularly at home; even the more elusive species. Katavi is one of only two parks home to both sable and roan antelope; the latter easier to spot than anywhere else. If you’re looking for the ultimate spot to tick your game viewing boxes, head straight to the Katuma River and her floodplains, including the seasonal Lakes Katavi and Chada. Their appearance differs greatly between the wet and dry season.

During the rains the grass grows up meters into the air, turning the barren grounds into seemingly endless green sheets. Waterbirds appear in abundance alongside the lakes. But it’s during the dry season that game viewing becomes truly overwhelming. The drier it gets; the more animals find their way to Katavi’s remaining sources of drinking water. Buffalo, elephant and zebra are the most abundant. Each population boasts thousands and thousands of individuals; herds of buffalo often triple the size one would find in the Serengeti. Add to that a great number of giraffe and other large mammals. All of them on the lookout for roaming lion prides, spotted hyena, cheetah, leopards and wild dog, excitedly working up an appetite all round them.