This Spectacular Six Day Magical Safari to Ngorongoro & the famed Serengeti takes us to three of Tanzania’s best attractions on the Northern Safari Circuit. We begin our adventure at the Ngorongoro Crater, a six hundred and ten metres deep caldera formed some two to three million years ago with the explosion of a volcano which rivalled Kilimanjaro in height. With a resident population of some twenty-five thousand large mammals the crater offers the best game viewing experience of all the parks of Tanzania. A UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater is a sublime landscape to experience. Following our adventure in the Ngorongoro Crater we will go safari upon the Serengeti, home to over three million large mammals, and one of the most celebrated landscapes on Earth.
As with Ngorongoro we will here hope to encounter potentially all of the ‘big five’ rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard, as well as a vast array of other creatures, Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelle, bushbuck, hartebeest, wildebeest, ostrich, actually over four hundred species of bird are here present, hippo, meerkat, and the speedy cheetah. We bring our adventure to a delightful end taking the opportunity to visit Manyara National Park, the namesake lake of which comprises seventy percent of the Parks environs. An ornithological paradise with some five hundred species of bird here present, we will game drive the lake shore and drink in the incredible sight of some thousand flamingo feeding. With luck, we may even see some lions lounging in the trees. Accommodation is tented lodge.

After an early well-deserved breakfast our personal safari guide will collect you from your lodgings for the 190km drive to The Ngorongoro Crater on well paved road arriving around noon at our lodge to unwind and luncheon. Our partner lodge sits high up upon the crater rim and offers spectacular views. Taking in the awesome spectacle of this glorious landscape we can relax in anticipation of the day to come when we will roam out upon the caldera floor. A walk is possible for the adventurous in the conservation environs guided by an armed ranger and a visit to a Maasai village within the caldera can also be arranged.
After our breakfast we hit the road for our day experiencing the wonderful Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of Africa. More precisely termed a Caldera, this is the best place for game viewing in all of Tanzania. An enclosed ecosystem, the caldera is home to some twenty-five thousand large mammals. Descending down the bumpy winding track towards the caldera floor, we note our passage through several different climactic zones until, six hundred metres down, we roam out onto the broad expanse. We can very quickly expect to see buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, elephant, reedbuck, Thompson gazelle, perhaps our predator friends lounging in the grass or in action, lion, cheetah, and some of the more than 500 bird species that here inhabit. With a little bit of luck, we might catch a glimpse of the endangered black rhino through the grass. After our extensive game drives within the crater we
repair to our, carefully selected for quality, lodge where we can unwind, dine and recall in our minds eye the sights and sounds of the day.
After our breakfast, we roam out at about 0800 hrs making a bee line for the Serengeti National Park, passing on our way by Olduvai Gorge. The Olduvai Gorge is the prehistoric site where Dr. Louis Leakey discovered the remains of Homo habilis (Handy man) regarded as mankind’s first step on the path of human evolution. We will arrive in good time at our lodge to relax and enjoy a scrumptious lunch. Appetites sated, we make our way out onto the ‘Endless Plain’, ‘Serengeti’ in mother tongue of the Maasai. An extraordinary landscape, the Serengeti is host to some three million animals. With over thirty-five species of plains animal zebra, wildebeest, eland, bushbuck, hartebeest Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelle, meerkat, to name a few, the Serengeti broad expansive landscape is a wonder to traverse. The big five all here reside lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and the last great terrestrial mammal migration on Earth makes its annual circuitous journey in search of food and water through this majestic landscape. Commencing around June when about two million wildebeest alongside a quarter of a million zebra, make their pilgrimage to the Maasai Mara in the northern extremities of the National Park in search of pasture. The roving herd is closely attended by the resident predators of the savannah, the mighty lion, speedy cheetah, wary jackal, laughing hyena, and elusive leopard alongside the landscapes cleaners, the vultures. An ornithological paradise, the Serengeti is home to over five hundred species of bird. Our adventure coming to its close as the evening sets in, we wind our way to our rest, relaxation, and delectation, in the excellent Lodge.
We dedicate this whole day to our exploration of the Serengeti, land of the Maasai, the tribe who have here inhabited for millennia. The Serengeti is host to our Earths last great terrestrial migration, that of the wildebeest and zebra. This awe inspiring circular pilgrimage from north to south to west and back again will be, season dependent, passing over the terrain we safari. On our Serengeti safari we can hope to spot many creatures. We continue to explore the park after our picnic lunch, and our guide will, with his intimate knowledge of the terrain, bring us to some extraordinary landscapes where we will see of the Earths’ bounty of creatures in their habitat. Day drawing to its adventurous close we wind our way back to the comfort of us of our carefully
selected lodgings, The Lodge where a delectation of dining, rest and, relaxation await us, and a sleep upon the ‘Endless Plain’ as our minds eye roves over the sights and sounds of the day.
After our breakfast we hit the road for Manyara National Park. Manyara, known for its namesake lake which covers some seventy percent of the parks area is famed for its tree climbing lions. Our game drive takes us by the lake shore where, whilst viewing the thousand feeding flamingo we can hope to spot, monkey, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, elephant, and with some luck, lions lounging in the trees. The park is known for its diverse landscapes; not only open grassy plains, but also primate-filled woodlands and baobab dotted cliffs. Animals gather at the river and giraffe,
bushbuck, and hartebeest, are often seen. The Park, also home to buffalo, zebra, and wildebeest, all of whom are closely attended by a range of predators, Lion “the king of the jungle”, and his cousin, the leopard. From the open roof of our state of the art safari truck we will be able to absorb the landscape and watch the wildlife. We enjoy a delicious picnic lunch, and continue our game drive hoping to spot lion, leopard, cheetah, hippo in the water, elephant abounding, and a multitude of other creatures that here inhabit, as well as over five hundred species of bird. After a full day soaking up the sights of the park, we drive to our lodgings where we take the opportunity to relax, enjoy dinner in aesthetic surrounds, and retire to our well-appointed quarters when the spirit moves us.
Our adventure at its end, our safari guide and driver will convey us to Arusha Town for onward travel replete as we are with our memories of the African wilds.


  • Transportation in a 4×4 safari jeep with pop-up roof
  • Professional, English speaking guide
  • Professional, safari cook
  • Camping Overnight stays in safari tents
  • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping mats, chairs, tables etc.)
  • Meals according to the itinerary
  • Mineral water
  • All national park fees
  • Pick Airport up and drop off in Arusha.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Driver’s Salary and park fees for vehicle and driver


  • Lunches, dinners and drinks at your Hotel before and after trek.
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation in your Hotel before and after Safari.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Flights
  • Optional tours (balloon rides at Serengeti USD. 650 per person)
  • Items of the personal nature i.e. Laundry, Beverage
  • Visa fees
  • Tips and Gratuitous
  • Personal spending money for souvenirs etc.